Pre-blog Musings

I wrote this post some time ago, speaking mostly to myself and partially to you, the potential reader. I realize, though, that as soon as I tap “publish,” and you are here reading this, there will be nothing “pre-” or “potential” about it. Oh well.

December 22, 2020

Well. I want to start a blog.

Why would or should I do that? I’m not even totally sure. I could list the few reasons I have for starting. But… what if it’s a total flop?I guess there are worse things. And.. aren’t there enough other blogs out there? Well then, I guess they (meaning all the people that read blogs) don’t have to bother reading mine.

But back to the few reasons. For starters, I think am able to and should write. I don’t know that that writing will ever turn into a lot of money or fame or even just a simple book, but if I’ve been given a smallish bit of talent for writing, I think I should use it. That being said, then the second reason would be that I need practice. Loads of it. What would happen if I would start a blog to use as a practice space? People could either read my practice or leave it. And wow, I’d have a lot of people for continual writer’s critique! (if they stay around long enough to endure the chicken-scratch, that is). Third. If I have a publishing space for even my sketchiest pieces of writing, it may give me the “oomph” to keep on writing, or at least trying.

A blog needs a name. I think I’ve found one (at least, once I decide to pay enough that the blog space allows me to coin and use my own name). But here’s what I think I’ll call it: 2-cents. Or maybe 2cents. Or let’s try two.cents. I’m still trying to decide. Till you read this, I will have chosen a name, but that doesn’t mean it’s permanent. I’m open to suggestions. Or criticism.

But why two.cents.? You know the phrase: “my two cents’ worth.” That’s what this blog feels to me. The world is full of blogs and teachers and information and inspiration and recipes and tips and everything! that anything I might have to add feels simply like a couple pennys’ worth. Which isn’t much. I should hardly bother sharing it then, I think. But then I remember the story Jesus tells of the poor widow casting her two mites into the offering (which was worth much less than 2 cents, by the way). The point is, she gave her all, everything she had. Jesus highly commended that, esteeming her better than the wealthy who were pouring in large amounts.

I remember also the story of the talents. The one who was given only one talent was not exempt from using it. Quite the contrary. He was condemned for not using it! The amount given and owned was not the point; the usage of it was.

In both stories, Jesus was referring initially to money. The concept, however, goes far beyond just money and includes anything that He has gifted us. Material blessings. Abilities. Talents. Whatever. He wants all of it, regardless the amount.

When I look at my meager writing abilities, I instantly compare them to those of other great writers and bloggers, and I want to stuff my penny-worth into a deep, deep hole. I could, I guess, and miss the blessing of investment. Miss the opportunity to give back to God and others.

Mites. Talents. Naming my blog “2 mites” sounds a bit creeepy-crawly. I don’t think so. Let’s try “2 talents.” Wait. I’m trying to employ a tiny fraction of a talent here, rather than boasting of gifted ability. Whatever. Then two.cents. it is. And regardless the name, I want to give Jesus my all, insignificant that it is. So here is “my two.cents. worth.” Not much. Take it or leave it.

What is my two.cents. worth? What should I bother posting here? (Sidetrack: since when did “post” start referring to something we do in cyberspace rather than a sturdy part of a fence?!) Since my blog name lays no great claims to kitchen sweetness or mothering success or brainy ideas or lifestyle inspiration, then I am free to post two.cent. bits about… whatever! So be prepared for random thoughts, journal-style entries, recipes, devotional gleanings, book recommandations, or anything through which God can receive glory through me.

That then is my mission statement and closing prayer, that God would be seen and glorified through me, through whatever you see and read here. I pray that it would not be an attempt to advertise me or anything else that might otherwise distract or adversely affect you in any way.

Speaking of you. Should you have a couple cents’ worth (or more!) to share, please do so. I’m open to honest criticism or whatever insight you have. But don’t feel pressured to comment either. I’m the first to say that I rarely comment on blogs, though I’m blessed to read the comments of others. So… it’s up to you with no added pressure from me.



  1. Letitia Wadel says:

    This is so good, Laura! Go you! Can’t wait to hear more!


  2. Melody says:

    Just saying, I’ve read a number of blogs but it’s pretty special when a friend of mine who I’ve known a long time starts one!! Go you!:) I’m so excited about this for you! Blessings back:)


  3. Bev says:

    I’m not much of a blog reader, simply because I’m not a big reader, but I’ll definitely be reading yours, Laura!! So glad to see your willingness to use the talent of writing He gave you to give back to him!❤️


    1. Laura says:

      Thanks, Bev! Pray that I can do that… for Him, for His glory.


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