Jesus Loves Me

My 14 month daughter lights up when she hears this song being sung. The only reason for that, of course, is that we have sung it again and again to her from her earliest days. Now it’s become the most recognizable song in her short memory.

At a hymn-sing not long ago, the leader gave the children opportunity to select some songs. As the children pondered for a few quiet moments, my husband piped up, “My daughter can’t talk yet enough to pick a song, but she likes the song ‘Jesus Loves Me.’” So we sang it for her benefit, though she was probably too tired at the moment to appreciate any song at all. But it didn’t just benefit her; it was for all of us!

As we sang, I pondered why this particular song is one of the first we teach to our littlest people. Why not any other children’s song? And how come it doesn’t completely wear out over the years? It is, after all, around 160 years old. Both babies and old people continue to delight in it.

Although there are many other great songs we could teach our children rather than this one, I think we gravitate back to this one because it is so simple and yet profound. There’s a message there for every age or stage, for all people.

Jesus loves me…

Me. Actually me. And you, for sure. But me? Yes. With all my frustration and blindness and childishness and stubbornness and humanity. And He doesn’t simply tolerate me, put up with me, keep a rough eyeball on me. He loves me. Not only that, but any depth of love we experience here with each other is only a small expression of the limitless depth of His.

This I know…

…with full assurance. Oh sure, I forget, lots. But if I take the time to read, remember, and believe, I can grab a hold of His love as a FACT! And rest in that.

For the Bible tells me so…

Don’t just take it from me. Go dig it out in God’s own Word that has been handed to us! When it’s hard to believe anything I hear or see these days (yeah, I’m a skeptic), it’s such a comfort to know God’s Word is Rock-Solid.

Little ones…

Forget about needing to be big or important or perfect or old enough or smart enough. Just be little. His little one. God’s love includes you. It includes me.

To Him belong…

Belonging. That’s a whole subject of its own to be unpacked on various angles. For me, for now, it speaks of absolute security, delight, submission, and love.

They are weak…

Okay, that’s me! Even more so in the moments when I think “I’ve got this.” And when I look around and see all the world that needs changing… or my daughter that needs raising… or people that need loving… and I realize that I don’t “got this,” at all… I know I’m truly weak.

But He is strong.

But God’s “strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9) Our God is strong! We have no idea just how strong. I think it’s impossible for a human brain, amazing and complex as it’s created, to fully understand the magnificent strength of God.

Yes, Jesus loves me,

Yes, Jesus loves me,

Yes, Jesus loves me,

The Bible tells me so.


  1. I got stuck thinking about the “Jesus Loves Me”… part; God’s great love is so evident: all creation shouts it! The rain falling and the sun shining on the just and the unjust… just a sign of God’s great love for all people.
    You go, Laura, on writing! My two cents: you’ll probably want to grow a thick skin if you write publicly! 🙂 (Read that security in Christ…)
    Wendy W.


    1. Laura says:

      Yes, I love how God confirms His love for us! Thanks for sharing, Wendy. 🙂


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