Saturday Snippets

This is simply a collection of tidbits from our past week(s)… a journal-type entry for myself as much as anything. As I wrote, the snippet-tidbits turned into… well, lengthy entries that can no longer be called snippets. Oh well. Happy reading.

Shopping with My SisJan. 22

Last Friday I met Heidi at Berlin Seeds to enjoy some sister-time shopping. It was such a delightful day of getting out and buying fabric (ooh fun!) and seeds (spring!!!), stopping for lunch in Berlin, and checking out a new-to-us thrift store. Why we chose the almost-coldest-day-of-the-year on which to go shopping, I don’t know, but it was fun regardless. Hey, then we didn’t have to fight crowds of Amish-country tourists either, so that was a win!

Oh, and I got to pop in on Lanette, aka. Nettles, at Holmes Printing. So delicious to see you again, long-lost friend, even if Raelynn wasn’t so convinced… =)

A Day Around AllianceJan. 23

On Saturday we wanted go squirrel hunting, but refer back to “the almost-coldest-day-of-the-year” and you’ll understand why we decided to just let the squirrels run. Instead, we ran to check out Kline’s Honey Bee Farm in Edenburg, a few minutes up the road. They have a delightful little store with all sorts of honey — orange, cinnamon-infused, spring/summer/fall, etc. The lady in the store told us all about the differences of honey collected in the different seasons, such as spring honey being better for diabetics, fall honey being the sweetest, and buckwheat honey being higher in iron.

From there we drove away discussing about when to pay more in order to support small businesses vs. shopping for the cheapest options (Amazon, anyone?). Then, ironically, we spent the rest of the morning supporting the little guys… NAPA Auto Parts for Ben, Kidzone thrift-store for me, Esso Coffee for us both, and finally Beech Creek Botanical Gardens for all of us! The last place is the one really worth mentioning…

At Beech Creek Gardens, in the months of January and February, you can try your hand at feeding the birds… literally! After checking out some other exhibits, such as loud parrots that terrorized Raelynn, we wandered down a snowy little path to find the Bird-In-Hand exhibit. We were instructed how to pour seed in our hand, hold it through the fence, stand absolutely still, and wish for success! “And if you’re not successful, there are hot chocolate and marshmallows over here for you,” she consoled.

I’d been wanting to do this ever since I saw it advertised my first winter here in Alliance. Thrilled to be finally doing this, I stuck my hand through the fence and waited. And waited. But it actually wasn’t too long until a little chickadee flitted up, pecked a single seed, and flew away again! I was beaming! =) Another couple joined us, and together we waited and waited and froze our fingers and waited and silently cheered every time another chickadee darted in. I had the privilege of chickadees landing four different times. Once my fingers were thoroughly frozen, I joined Ben and Raelynn by the fire.

If you’re local, go check it out! If you’re not local, come visit us for a February weekend and I’ll take you. Admission paid. And guess what? Whether or not you’re successful with the birds, you can still enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Raelynn was not at all sure about this bird.

Cinnamon Rolls for the NeighborsJan. 25

I’ve been talking about passing out rolls as a way to connect with some of our neighbors. On Monday I finally told myself, “You’ve gotta stop thinking and just do it!” That evening, we trekked back around the corner thru the snow and met a couple neighbors, even getting invited in at one place. Such an interesting evening! …but that’s a story for another time.

Tuesday Evening with the GirlsJan. 26

While we are on break with children’s club, Ben and I have been spending Tuesday evenings with the children from his van ride. For this final evening, just three of the girls decided to come. We brought them here and showed them “How Great Is Our God” by Louie Giglio. Incredible. Watch it sometime. It won’t disappoint.

Moccasin WednesdayJan. 27

I’ve been wanting a pair of moccasins. Ben: “Make them! Here’s some leather you can use.” Well. I tried. Can’t say I’m in love with them or anything, but Ben thinks he might enjoy them. I’ll see about finishing them off for him. It was a great project for investing some creative energy, so not all was lost.

What’s New with Raelynn

New words: “Grandma!” Of course it doesn’t quite sound like that, but still… 🙂 and also, “egg” and “uh-oh.”

New favorite food: blueberries

New favorite activity: carrying a book around the house and reading at High Volume with a string of jabber consisting highly of “Baby! Daddy!”

New favorite books: miniature Winnie-the-Pooh books that I’ve finally allowed her to have

So I guess that’s it for this week. We wrapped up the week with other memorable activities, such as making grapevine wreaths and attending Anabaptist Identity Conference… and looking forward to some snow… But that’s for another time. Adios.

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