Yet Will I Not Forget

“Be-bee?” Her small finger pointed toward the door, a mixture of desperation and request in her little upturned face.

Ben and I looked at each other, amazed. How was Raelynn remembering so well?

The previous evening, our wonderful neighbors had gladly shooed us out the door for an evening alone while they kept Raelynn (bless them!). We had sent Raelynn’s doll-baby along so she wouldn’t have to squabble with the other little tykes over any lack of dolls to go around. When we had returned to retrieve our baby, apparently we’d forgotten to retrieve her baby. No problem. We could step across the lawn to get the doll anytime we wished.

She had dropped off to sleep that night without any reference to her missing baby. The following day had been full of travel, shopping, and fun, so it too had passed without any issues over a lost doll.

But now, as we relaxed on the couch the next evening, trying to get Raelynn to go to sleep, she suddenly remembered. “Be-bee? Be-bee?” It wasn’t like she even needed her baby as a “comfort object” in order to go to sleep. Somehow though, the memory of where she had left her baby stuck with her and resurfaced a full twenty-four hours later.

Since when did her memory become that advanced? we marveled. Our daughter had become a mini-mom, attached to her baby.

This small incident nudged a verse to mind. “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” (Isaiah 49:15)

I know how difficult it is to forget my baby. Ben will take her during a church service sometimes, and my distracted mom-brain focuses way too much attention back there instead of forward on the preacher. My ears are tuned more for my baby’s cry than to the Word of God. Not all bad, I think, but definitely not all good.

Take any other time I leave Raelynn behind, like when Ben sends me off shopping or to a ladies’ event, saying, “I’ll keep her. We’ll be fine.” All the time I’m gone, though, part of my focus stays behind. Is she being a crank? Will she lay down for a nap? I should hurry home…”

(Note: I’m not in anyway suggesting that I doubt my husband in his child-care abilities. He is wonderful with his little girl! The slant is against me, not him.)

But… no matter the strength of the ties or the depth of the love, every mother will sometimes forget. She’ll forget to change a diaper, to keep an eye on curiosity, to warn of potential danger, to pray as she ought. Despite her best intentions and the ferocity of her “Mama Bear-ness,” she is still human, prone to forgetfulness. Sometimes the toddler runs around with a sagging diaper, slings groceries all over the floor, topples off the end of the couch, and drives her mother to frustration. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

“..Yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” (Isaiah 49:15b,16)

Are you in awe of our incredible God, Love Himself, that never forgets or is distracted?! You are not forgotten, will never be forgotten! Every bit of pain and stress and failure and identity crisis is noticed by Him. Regardless of how you ought to handle all of those problems, start with this fact: He hasn’t overlooked you. He knows. He cares.

Ultimate Grace. Love. Security. What more can I say?

Just this. I posting this with a prayer, for you. That you will know the heart of the Father today and remember that you are not forgotten.


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