You’ll quickly find that I’m no poet,

But if the list wants to rhyme,

well then, so be it.

Midnight laughter

Little girl chatter

New shampoo and shiny hair

A box of rice krispie treats to share

Baby putting herself to sleep

My own sleep, restful and deep

Scrunched little face sniffing a rose

Kisses planted on her itty-bitty nose

Forecast of potential winter storm warning

Bird songs hinting, “Here comes the spring.”

A florist shop run to breathe some flowers

New pens, filling my Bible with colors

Afternoon chance to go to the store

Can’t believe it – a newly washed floor

Baby begging for dish-soap bubbles

Songs of courage in the middle of troubles

Stacks of clean diapers to put away

Fresh glimmers of hope for another day

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