Saturday Snippets – March 6

Here’s a sneak-peek into a few things happening around here these days.

PA Weekend – Feb. 26-28

“What so amusing this early in the morning?” I yawned, eyelids squinting against the bright kitchen lights.

“How would you like to go see your folks for the weekend?” Ben grinned back at me. Go him! pulling off a last-minute surprise.  And so we took a weekend trip to PA, thanks to mild weather and no threat of Ben needing to salt or plow.

It was delicious weekend of surprising my little sister, talking, losing games of Monopoly Deal, staying up late, joining the crowd at my sister’s violin recital, and visiting my former co-teacher and family!

Birthday Suppers with Family and Friends – Mar. 2 & 3

Ben’s sister turned 30 this week, so the family all traipsed south (or north, for some) and barged into her home bearing supper and gifts. Even if she wasn’t 100% surprised, it was still a great evening relaxing and just being together again. Raelynn wandered around rather quietly, taking in all the people, noise, and toys. Ben made up for her silence by reading Aunt Hilarity’s Bustle and terrorizing the nephews.

The next evening we joined some friends from church to help celebrate another birthday with supper and games. This time we enjoyed stromboli, salad, and ice cream cake, finishing with a game of Qwirkle.

Three Projects

Crafty stuff largely gets ignored these days, but this week I had fun decorating another cake and trying my hand at designing a wreath. Last week I dabbled with a bit of watercolor again. Not so fabulous, I’m thinking, but hey, I tried.

Current Book

I shouldn’t recommend a book until I finish it and know for sure it’s worthwhile, right? Well anyway. So far, so good. Just ask Ben how my nose has been stuck in it…

What’s New at Our House

Another goldfish: Ever make a $.19 purchase? Raelynn happily gave this fish the ride of its life when I allowed her to carry it into the house. It doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of PTSD, though the previously established fish hasn’t exactly been making life any easier for it.

Raelynn’s favorite new animal: “Don-gee!” otherwise known as “donkey” in English. Once she got on to this donkey business, her sharp little eyes pick them out everywhere in her picture books. She was flipping through an animal encyclopedia book and delightedly cried, “Dong-ee!” Here it was actually an aardvark, but really! I totally get why she thought it looked like a donkey.

New life: Ahh, spring… and the joy of attempting to grow your own flowers and veggies. To start is easy and fun. To bring the plants to fruitful completion… well, sometimes that’s a different story. But here’s to a new year, new start!

Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t jam so many different seeds into one tray.

Raelynn taking a nap on the couch: I wondered if I could just have her lie down and put herself to sleep. That was a win!

Cupboard hideout: I’ve always allowed Raelynn to play with the contents of this cupboard. As a result, it’s not unusual to have a motley assortment of containers, lids, and rings, lying around on the floor. That must have gotten boring, because the other day she decided to amp up the game…

Spice containers: I’ve been eyeing these spice containers for some time, and now I finally broke down and bought them. They just arrived this morning, so I haven’t had a chance yet to prove whether or not I’ll like them. They are little cups with magnetic backs, making it possible to stick them on a metal plate or side of the refrigerator… and free up cupboard space!

And to wrap it all up… Inspiration from Phillippians

I really enjoy Philippians, and in the past few days I’ve been reading over it several times. It takes me back to when I had my students memorize the whole book during my last year of teaching. Anyway, I just thought I’d share the Amplified version of chapter 4, verses 6-8 that challenged me yesterday.

Blessings to all as you wrap up one week and embark on another. Walk in His light and peace!

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