Saturday Snippets – July 24, 2021

Here are a few of our simple joys from the last few weeks…

•Library books – Raelynn loves going to the library. She was especially stuck on this Richard Scarry book, wanting to find Goldbug on every page. Ben was a good teacher, and pretty soon she was picking out the bug almost as soon as the page was turned.

Raelynn: “Doldbug?” Me (with emphasis): “GOLD-bug.” Raelynn (with matching emphasis): “DOLD-bug.”

•Applesauce (check√) – I planned to attempt my bushel of Lodi apples on my own, but with generous neighbors’ help, we knocked most of it out before noon!

Ready for the canner and freezer. Note to self: Do NOT place jars into boiling temp water. 🙄

•Colors – Raelynn has been enjoying a lot of coloring these days… and naming her colors as well! With brand new beautiful crayons and a lazy Sunday afternoon, I just had to join her. Hopefully these mega-size toddler crayons won’t break so fast.

She instantly pulled her favorite color – yellow.
#happyheart – I’ll always be a child when it comes to brand new crayons.

•Fishing – Friends invited us for an evening of fishing in their pond. It was a deliciously cool evening for July. I didn’t catch anything (surprise), but enjoyed the attempt!

#daddysgirl – Someone asked me the other day, “Who are you married to?” After my answer, she exclaimed, “I thought so! Your daughter fits right in with his family!”

•Garden – With all the rain, the garden has been growing quite nicely, despite my neglect. Just holler if you need any zucchini. 😉

My beans got planted very late; by now they are growing in some of those bare spots you see there. At least they were. I haven’t yet checked if the deer revisited for a bean and beet snack last evening 😖
Enough garlic to last the winter? I doubt it.


Echinecea that my sister-in-law gave me earlier this spring
This flowerbed and patch of grass is brand-new! This space used to be ugly, pointless asphalt. Thanks to a lot of hard work on Ben’s part, we now have color!
Red geraniums? Just yes.

Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings – In case any of you ladies haven’t yet heard anyone promoting this book (or even if you have), take my word for it: it’s good. I recommend it even if you’re not a mom… and especially if you’ve been facing tough stuff.

•Concrete for the neighbors – It’s always great to be able to watch my Ben on the job. It’s doubly great when he’s accomplishing a long-awaited project for the neighbors at the same time!

And to wrap it up…

Life isn’t all peaches and cream and flowers and happy toddler around here. So to keep a good balance, here’s a list of the less picturesque items in our lives: potty training accidents, late nights, retracing a half hour drive to reclaim my phone, maggots all over the garbage can, heartburn and tears.

But even if life isn’t all good, God is. His grace is sufficient for us… and for you too. Keep looking up to Him and around at all the simple joys with which He’s blessed you… and thank Him.

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