Simple. Really?

Love. Do good. Bless. Pray for.

The list of commands is simple. Simple to write, simple to read, simple to understand. But is it simple to do?

Yes! Yes, it is simple to do all of these things for people I admire, adore. People who love me, do good to me, bless me, pray for me. No problem.

When this list of commands was given, however, it also came with a specific list of recipients. Read carefully.

Enemies. Them which hate you. Them that curse you. Them which despitefully use you. Or, to amplify – those who detest you, pursue you with hatred. Those who abuse you.

Is the list of commands still simple to do? No. Suddenly it becomes ouchy and sticky and messy. It requires me to die and die and die.

If, like me, you are already cringing at this tall order, you might as well open your Bible to Luke 6 and finish reading the list of commands and recipients.

And then, before you start feeling too overwhelmed by the “impossible,” look again. Don’t miss that gem of a reward tucked into verse 35.

Simple? Anything but!

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  1. Annie says:

    Yikes. Ouch. My toes are sore. Thank you for this.

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