Saturday Snippets – October 23, 2021

Here’s a photo catch-up of the past two months.


We just really enjoyed this row of impatien “bushes” along our back porch.
đź“ŤUmbrella Alley, Louisville, OH …it was a delightful afternoon of sunshine and colors and time with friends!
It’s one way to take a nap!
She loves her little New Testament. (Fact: not all days find this toddler so happily combed n happily Bible-reading)
September was a month of traveling. Raelynn and I spent a couple extra days in PA with my family. One day we took a last minute run to Hagerstown City Park to see the ducks. Thanks to some other folks that came equipped with food, Raelynn got quite the duck experience!


A day with friends at the pumpkin farm. There were loads of child-friendly activities that kept them well-entertained for a full morning.
A casual Sunday evening photoshoot…
…because somebody turned 2! She loves holding up 2 fingers anytime someone asks. 🙂 And she was quite delighted about her “birthday tup-take” with animals on it. I guess we’ll need to teach the difference between a full-sized cake and cupcakes.
And finally – her favorite birthday gift from friends… a baby carrier!

And there’s your peek into our lives! Other things have been happening too…

  • Celebrating Ben’s birthday at the beginning of October
  • Me helping with art classes at the homeschool group on Thursdays
  • Cleaning and reorganizing the nursery because we’re…
  • …counting down the weeks til baby’s arrival at Thanksgiving
  • And all the little in-between things!

Blessings on your weekend!

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