Well, Hello Little One

And here it is, three-some weeks later, and I haven’t so much as posted a picture on this site (which is more than okay for anyone who has just had a baby). But I’ve been wanting to, so finally…! And since I’m not going to invest the time in writing much just now, I’ll send some pictures instead, introducing…

Alaya Raquel

Alaya Raquel | 11/25/21 | 7 lb. 14 oz.
Alaya arrived just in time for her first Thanksgiving

Those are just a few of my favorite photos… 😉 There are plenty more where those came from! Some day I’d like to write more of Alaya’s birth story, which I may or may not share here. I know I always enjoy reading or hearing others’ stories, but somehow when it comes down to my own, I’m suddenly unsure if I want it splashed in a public space. So we’ll see. I might just have to share it via private email to any interested persons. 🙂

Alaya is a super easy baby. Nobody is quite sure where she gets her laid-back tendencies, since neither Ben nor I seem to possess much down that line! Maybe she took the little bits we had and now we have none to speak of. 🙂 All that being said, she is beginning to wake up more and knows how to demand what she wants. Time will tell her personality… and I plan to enjoy the discovery!

Raelynn loves her little sister, her little Rufus-turned-Alaya. She’s not much for holding her, despite the couple photos where she seems to be thoroughly enjoying it. She does, however, love to give her kisses, cover her with blankets, assure her that “it’ll be alright, baby,” and climb up on the changing table to watch the diapering process. She’s not hugely jealous, but we can tell it’s been an adjustment. It’s going well though, I can’t complain.

Wait. I wasn’t going to “invest time in writing just now.” What happened? Oh well. There you have it.

A blessed and lovely Christmas to all of you! May you find hope and light and joy in His presence.

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