Saturday Snippets – January 15, 2022

Hello from our frosty little corner of the world! We’re just over here trying to stay warm, keeping busy with daily life, and enjoying good gifts from God!

Hatching chicks – Here’s our latest adventure. It’s time to add to our flock (and to delete some old hens) so we decided we’d hatch out our own eggs this time. Since we have four different breeds of hens, we can’t be sure just what our chicks will look like. Little surprise packages, these eggs are. 🙂 They’re marked with hearts on one side and smileys on the other… happy little lovebirds. Hatch day is January 25, if we’re successful. Trying not to count my chicks yet…

Ben helping Raelynn to mark one of the eggs

Cyclamen surprise – I chose this dainty little cyclamen from a collection of mini plants at a ladies dinner last spring. It wasn’t blooming at the time, and I had little faith that it actually would. Previous experience told me it was a tricky little plant to grow, and Google agreed. Well. That meant I wasn’t going to waste too much of my time on it. If it never bloomed, that was just to be expected. I set in on the porch, rarely watered it, and had to go searching when a wind storm blew it clean across the porch and out of its pot. I carelessly plopped it back into it’s plastic pot (minus some soil) and took it back inside. Sometime later that summer I got inspired to actually try to care for my houseplants, so the cyclamen finally got more water. All that neglect, and what do I get?!

So far I have just 1 bloom and at least 5 more buds. It’s such a delicate little beauty in the middle of a drab winter.

Thank-you to the young ladies who hosted the dinner and gave such a neat little gift.

Alaya – The littlest member of our family is doing very well. She caught the bug that’s been biting everyone else, and I’ve never been so alarmed about a stuffy nose! But worry never helps. And she’s pulling through it without further complications, thank God! Meanwhile, she continues to fairly easygoing and chill, taking long naps that usually coordinate with Raelynn’s… and mine! Bedtime… well, that’s a bit of a different story, but still, why should I complain when I only have to stay awake 20 minutes longer than Ben because “this baby is never going to sleep!”? Perspective. Mine gets a bit skewed, especially at 11 pm with a sparkly-eyed baby.

Sleep? Who, me?
She loves wall words, just like Raelynn at this age.

Raelynn – …keeps us laughing! I love her random little statements:

  • “Mary and Joseph aren’t here, just Baby Jesus.” (while getting her hair combed)
  • “I don’t have a mustache. Daddy does. I don’t have a mus-beard.”
  • “I want to lay down and take a tiny little nap!” (wailing during a melt-down when I wouldn’t let her lie on the floor)
  • “My pigtails took a nap!”
  • “Hooray for my leggings! Hooray for my dress!” (while getting dressed) and then, “Happy birthday to Raelynn!” (at top volume)

She wants to do everything “my little self,” like tooth brushing and high-chair buckling. Any buckling, actually. She figured out how to strap Alaya’s car seat. Now I almost always find a pre-buckled seat to contend with just when I was about to lay the baby in the seat and dash out the door.

I may have to unearth a doll from the seat as well. Or from the play mat. Or the Boppy pillow. Her doll goes where Alaya goes .

Do you know how delightful it is to have a toddler learn how to sing along with “God Is Great”? Or help to to pray The Lord’s Prayer? It’s a joy to watch and listen to her grow!

Tea at Grandma’s house
…and playing “Away In a Manger,” also at Grandma’s house

• Random bits

  • We’ve acquired a mini van! Never mind the fact that it has a bad heart… and who knows when we’ll get to use it… but it’s hard to believe we’re at this stage of life. It’s a good thing tho. 🙂
  • Have you tried Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings? A friend gifted me a boxful, and it’s become a new favorite. It’s similar to the Sweet and Spicy tea I used to drink constantly.
  • I’m trying out an Instant Pot for the first. It’s one of those items I was “never” going to buy… but, well… here I am, excited to use it.
  • I managed to organize my laundry room, freezers, and gardening corner of the garage this week… gasp!… ’cause it’s such a rare occurrence for me. Don’t think too highly of my accomplishments, however, because 1) it’s not likely to last super long, and 2) you don’t want to see my wreck of a sewing corner (plus other corners).
  • “We want snow! Up to our ankles, up to our shins, up to our knees, up to our chins.” That’s a chant borrowed from one of Raelynn’s recent library books, and I’m all for it! …except maybe the “up to the chins part.” At any rate, here’s hoping for a gigantic dump of snow this weekend!

•Wrap Up – There’s more that’s been happening in our lives, but it’s time to sign off. Blessings on your week! Shall I pray for snow for you too?


  1. Jacinda Neuenschwander says:

    Yes to the snow!!! All the way! 😁


    1. Laura says:

      I always like to know another snow-lover. 😉


  2. Krystal Lehman says:

    Yes please pray for snow with me!! I’m trying not to let the jealousy of all my PA family get the best of me right now!!!!😉😉


  3. Laura says:

    Yeah, not sure how much they’re getting in PA, but Ohio is getting quite the dumping. 🙂 I’m grateful! 🙂 Maybe Indiana will get the next big storm!


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