Books On Our Floor

Yeah, I know books shouldn’t be on the floor, but if they’re lying about, that means they’re the favorite ones actually being read, not?

Raelynn loves books. Her days begin and end and thrive with books. Hence, our floor is almost never without a book, or two, or a dozen. And I guess I’m just okay with this! I also plead guilty to exacerbating the problem by taking her to the library every week or two. I guess I’m just okay with that too. These are just a couple problems that book-loving brings – problems I can live with.

Since it’s hard to fully proof a stack of books while at the library, we bring home a mixture… most to simply enjoy for the time being, a few I wish I’d never picked up, and the rare ones we laugh over and love and hope to borrow again someday!

Here are a few favorites from our floor.

Fun to read, even if a bit pointless.
Think you could have chosen a better mom than the one God gave you? Think again…
Here’s a fun picture book that I’d actually recommend more for parents and first-grade teachers than for children! And I never thought a slug could be remotely cute, but I guess this artist changed that idea.

If only I could honestly say that all the books on our floor were Raelynn’s. But… well… most of mine happen to be there too. They may not be scattered everywhere like hers, but my current array of reading material happens to be stacked not-so-neatly near my rocking chair.

This year I decided to join the Brighter Winter Reading Challenge. I am glad for the nudge to read more, especially since I spend so much time feeding a baby these days. So… January found me with my nose in a book, and I enjoyed the selection of books I managed to slip into my month.

Simple stories of grace, food, and lives well-lived. I enjoyed this one!
My parents recently gifted us this book. A true story, it’s an eye-opener to how some people live and have lived, and how much circumstances can shape a person for good or bad.
I didn’t think I would enjoy this middle-grade fiction. The opening chapter made me think it was some odd fantasy, but I was happily wrong. I doubt I’ll ever read this again, but it has some worthwhile points. I’m struggling to know how to put the theme into words, so I guess you’ll have to read it and find out for yourself.
I listened to this one on Hoopla. It is definitely a different romance story than I’ve ever read, but I enjoyed it! and I don’t enjoy most modern romance stories. The downside is the divorce/remarriage included, but other than that I could recommend this as an adult read.
I also listened to this one on Hoopla. It’s a great middle-grade fiction book that I definitely recommend! It teaches a whole range of values including helping others, ‘fessing up, not judging a person by their cover, and more.
I started this book but did not finish it in time to count it for the reading challenge. So far, so good…

What books are lying around on your floor?

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