Books On Our Floor #2

Yup. There are still books on our floor over here. And yes. Some of them are mine.

I mentioned the Brighter Winter Challenge in my last post about books. That post covered January’s books, and now here are the ones I read for the February challenge.

Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings – I’ve mentioned this book before, I know. But it’s worth re-mentioning, as it was definitely worth re-reading. This book qualified for the challenges to read a book written by a pastor or pastor’s wife and to re-read a favorite book.
Christmas By the Book – A fun, lightweight read! I can’t say there are many super inspiring morals in this, and definitely other values that I cannot endorse, but… I enjoyed the small English town setting and the overall “bookishness” of it. I read this in order to cross off the challenge to read a book about books.
Notes From a Blue Bike – Live intentionally. Dare to push back against a speeding culture that settles for less. Thought-provoking. This title completed the challenge to read a book with the name of a color in the title.
I like juvenile fiction. And I’ve fallen in love with the Vanderbeekers. The Vanderbeekers Make a Wish is the latest and the fifth book of the Vanderbeeker series. Clean fun, if a bit unrealistic. This book qualified as a book from a series and also! (I was delighted to discover after I was already reading it) as a book written by an author who’s ethnicity is different than your own.
Dear Mr. Henshaw – I needed to read an award winning book and was happy to pull this own off my own shelf. I knew I’d read it before, and parts of it came back, but I couldn’t remember how it ended, so it was almost like a first-time read. The ending is rather unfinished, I thought, but I just realized there is a sequel which I’ve never read. Maybe I’ll have to finish the story sometime.

And… that wraps up the winter challenge list! Since then I’ve knocked out a few more titles, but I’ll save those for another post.

In the meantime, here are some titles that we’ve been enjoying with Raelynn.

Bill Peet books – I kept looking for Bill Peet at different libraries and couldn’t find any. Finally, I asked a librarian. “Oh they’re in the basement,” she informed me. (Apparently these stories aren’t new enough to deserve shelf space upstairs?) Anyway, she brought up a whole stack for me, and we thoroughly enjoyed the few we brought home. The illustrations are fantastic!
Raelynn especially loved the train book. I’d never heard of “A Shine-A-Light Book” before. You need a flashlight to reveal hidden pictures on the pages.
And finally… Little Green Peas. One of the librarians read this for story time one week, so the next week we asked for it. Lots of colors and fun illustrations! There are companion books by this same author, focusing on the alphabet. Those are mostly great too.

And… a few more things to wrap this up…

This time I decided to link the book titles to Goodreads. I had poked around on their website before but didn’t find it to be overly helpful for some reason. However, someone recently mentioned how she uses their app to track her reading… which was exactly what I’d been try figure out how to do, but kept coming up frustrated. So I downloaded Goodreads. And… I love it! I can quickly scan, enter in, or find any book I’ve read, want to read, or am currently reading… and ta-da! My list is right there.

Do you like Goodreads? Do you have a better way of tracking your books? I’d love to know! I’m game for learning better ways of doing things. 🙂 …especially when some of my “brilliant” ideas come up… not-so-brilliant.

Also. I’m always on the lookout for more great children’s pictures books. What’s the next delightful title I ought to read to Raelynn?

And finally. I’m trying out Gina’s reading challenge that she and her sister are sharing with the rest of us. I don’t know if I’ll manage the whole year or not, but so far, so good.

Now. I need to go “sleep while the baby sleeps” as they say. So long.

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