Books On Our Floor #3

After finishing the Brighter Winter Reading Challenge, I was tickled to have a new challenge to follow. This one was offered by Gina and her sister at Home Joys. Rather than asking for so many titles per month, this challenge was set up by seasons. Here’s how I accomplished the spring challenge.

1. Read a classic you think you should have read. Jane Eyre came to the rescue for this one! I’ve had this book on my shelf for years, but had never actually cracked it open. I loved it! It was (as I feel most classics are) a bit difficult to get into, but once in, I was hooked. I think maybe I’d enjoy more classics if I’d just give them a chance.

2. Read a verse novel or a book of free verse poetry. I actually read three books that fit in this category… but only because two of them were short and funny. All three were quite worthwhile: Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson, and a pair of books by Tamera Will Wissinger, Gone Fishing and Gone Camping. I don’t gravitate toward poetry, so this was a new style of reading for me. If I was a middle-grade teacher, I’d read the Gone series to my students while studying poetry in English class.

3. Ask a friend to pick a book for you–and read it. Ben’s sister is my go-to for excellent book referrals. For my birthday she gifted me with The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson. This one is for homemakers everywhere, showing us how to create Home for anyone who comes in our door, and sharing creative celebrations for every season of the year. I also read The Miracle of Miss Willie – so much fun and worthwhile all at the same time! If you don’t have a good friend or sister to recommend books to you, find one. They’re good at discovering hidden gems of books!

4. Read a book that has siblings as the main characters. I’ve been reviewing Katrina Lee’s Brady Street Boys books as they come out. I missed the second book, but signed up to review the third, Noise in the Night. After realizing they need to be read in order, I made sure to go back and read Facing the Fugitive. These books are fun and light. I want to read them to my children some day.

5. Read a book about a less famous historical event. I decided to chase down a book on Operation Peter Pan and found 90 Miles to Havana. Interesting, perhaps a bit far-fetched, juvenile. Four stars.

7. Read from a book before picking up your phone in the morning. Gina suggested trying this for a week. It was a good challenge for me, especially as I don’t get to a book very soon in the morning… unless Bible reading counts. I’m certainly in need of phone-time reduction plans, so I was glad for this nudge.

6. Read a book that has an elderly person a main character. Ah, yes. I had fun with The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood. Perhaps this one only deserves four stars as I didn’t totally go for the ending. Most books don’t give you the perspective of a 104-year-old lady… so fun. Anyone intrigued by world records ought to enjoy this book.

8. Copy a poem (or write one) and hang it where you will see it. I don’t know how if any of you are familiar with The Curator, but I rather enjoy having their poems dropped into my inbox every so often (weekly?). To complete this challenge, I copied first one poem, Daily by Sherri Steiner, then another, Christ in Shoes by Melodie Dyck. I can’t say I read them often, but they were (are) beautiful poems worth my time!

And that’s it for the spring challenge. It was easily completed and fun. Thanks to Gina and Charity for putting this together!

If you want to check out the summer challenge, go here. I’ve started; join me?

Also, here’s my quick-list of the other books I’ve completed in between the specific reading programs.

  1. Hope (Amanda Berry & Gina De Jesus)
  2. An Uncomplicated Life (Paul Daugherty)
  3. M Is For Mama (Abbie Halberstadt)
  4. Anything But Simple (Lucinda J. Miller)
  5. Chasing the Amish Dream (Loren Beachy)
  6. Librarian Tales (William Ottens)
  7. The Flirtation Experiment (Lisa Jacobson & Phylicia Masonheimer)
  8. The Last Bookshop in London (Madeline Martin)
  9. The Cost of My Faith (Jack Philips)
  10. The Bird in the Tree (Elizabeth Goudge)
  11. Tales of the Kingdom (David and Karen Mains)
  12. The Wednesday Sisters (Meg Waite Clayton)

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