Books [No Longer] on Our Floor #4

Here is why the books are no longer on the floor:

Not a grand photo, I know, but I just wanted to show you our newest idea for storing library books. We now have a baby crawling everywhere, putting all of Raelynn’s library books (and our reputation at said establishment) in jeopardy. I don’t have shelf space for extra books (unfortunately), nor did I want the library books to get mixed in with ours. So… I bought these little floating shelves.

The real question is this: how will they work in the long run? When a 2-year-old grabs a book from behind, all books in front go toppling. We had to teach her how to pull them out carefully. She does well, even though frustration gets her sometimes. And what will happen when the baby is allowed to access books? Time will tell if this is a great idea or another Pinterest fail (wait, did I get this idea from Pinterest?).

(Speaking of grand ideas gone flat, you may remember reading of my excitement over my new set of magnetic spice containers. I’ve been meaning to tell you: don’t buy them. If you want to know why, just ask. In the meantime, I’m open to ideas for spice storage.)

Back to books though… so far I like the mini book shelves and Raelynn does too. She does a pretty good job at keeping the library books off the floor now. Woo-hoo to her!

And just when we get our books off the floor…

Also… here are a few Raelynn’s recent favorites (or are they mine?).

The best one first: Flight School by Lita Judge. We all laugh over this one! I’m trying to think how to summarize the moral… maybe, you can only be what you’re designed to be… no matter how you “feel” you ought to be different. Tell you what: go read and laugh over it for yourself, then write back and tell me how you would sum it up.

Because we enjoyed Flight School, I thought the authors other books might be just as great. So, Raelynn and I grabbed red sled and red hat on a quick library stop a few days later. These are cute stories well worth your time… but not quite as great, in my opinion. Now I’d like to check out a few of her other picture books.

Speaking of not trying to be someone you are not, in Keiko Kasza’s The Dog Who Cried Wolf, Moka learns that being a wolf is not as easy as it looks. We borrowed a few other of Kasza’s titles and enjoyed them too.

Ragweed’s Farm Dog Handbook by Anne Vittur Kennedy. Ragweed doesn’t offer any great morals (unless you’re a farm dog!), but this book is laugh-aloud funny anyway.

What are you reading these days? What fantastic picture books can you recommend for Raelynn?

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