1. A quiet, inactive space – This blog has been a place of zero activity (on my part at least) for… how long? And that’s okay, I tell myself. This particular space hasn’t been given much priority the last while because I’ve been living in other spaces. But… I’m happy to be back, here.

2. A quiet, delightful space – We are quite happy to have our front porch swing back again! When Raelynn was a baby, she and I spent many moments on our old, rusty front porch swing, me idly thinking it’d be nice to have it fixed up someday. Well, the swing decided for me: it broke. With baby and I on it. (That was a let-down feeling.) Anyway, Ben rescued it from it’s rakish angle, and it’s been resting in the garage ever since. Just the other week, Ben tackled it with some welding and paint, and oh my…. I love our new-old swing. The front porch has again become a delightful space for putting baby to sleep, reading stories to Raelynn, enjoying the early morning cool, and rejuvenating my brain space.

We even have a brand new picture window, through which I can visually enjoy my happy space… while washing dishes.

3. A _____ space. How does one describe brain space? I could put a variety of descriptive words in that blank… depending on the when/where/why. Overwhelmed. Quiet. Frustrated. Confused. Reassured. Rested. Not rested. Not surrendered. Surrendered. Blonde. Hope-there’s-still-intelligence. Happy. Or not. Whatever the correct word, let’s just say this space is always fairly busy and not always in the best way. I have alot to learn and am so grateful God is a Patient Teacher and has enough mercy left for me. Here are a couple recent thoughts that have been floating around in this space: Does Joy always come packaged in Self-denial? What does True Submission look like, or rather, how does it act?

3. A rearranged sleeping space – One morning I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to start shoving furniture around in the nursery/guestroom. Actually, ever since moving Alaya over to her big crib, I had been contemplating how I could fit a rocking chair into this room. When Raelynn was this age, I’d often just lie down on the guest bed with her when she awoke in the middle of the night. Now she occupies the bed, so where was I to go to put Alaya back to sleep? Sitting on the edge of the bed was… lest than restful, you could say. So… I shoved existing furniture, added a rocking chair, and got a “new” room out of the deal. Admittedly, it’s tight. But if you’re willing to squish, we’re still willing to offer you an overnight space…. come see us!

Sleeping space for two plus a baby. If that’s not enough, we have comfy couches for the overflow. 🙂

4. A neighborly space – We’ve been attempting to turn our backyard into a neighborhood space by hosting neighborhood get-togethers. In July we tried an ice cream party, and now this coming Monday we hope the neighbors return for a fall party. The first event was lovely: a few neighbors showed up, and the hosting pressure was off because they could all entertain each other without me stressing over a meal or whether or not they were enjoying themselves. Now I’m anxious to see how many people show up at our “Welcome Fall, bring-snacks-to-share” party. But it’s not just our backyard that is a neighborly space. Our neighbors across the street have grandchildren that like to come play with Raelynn in her sandbox. Recently though, they invited her to come over and play on their swing set…. something she’s been begging to do for a long time. So, we got a chance to enjoy our neighbors in their backyard as well. I’m hoping to utilize these spaces more often… and then turn our indoors into a neighborly space as well. Do you have any good ideas on hosting a large group in a small house?

5. An connecting space Two evenings a month, I’ve been going to the Alliance Pregnancy Center for their Mom-to-Mom group. I have really enjoyed this opportunity to meet women from my town, but wow. Interacting with people whose lives are so different than mine has opened my eyes to how incredibly rich and blessed I am (if only I wouldn’t forget so easily). Seriously. When I hear stories of single parenting, abuse, offering one’s body for a brief moment of acceptance, not affording rent payments, etc., I begin to realize that I have everything. I am so rich. I also begin to realize how at the core we’re all the same, struggling with the same sin nature, mom worries, difficult relationships, and more. And there’s much more I could say, but I’m running out of time and this post is too long already.

Your spaces – What are some of your current life spaces, whether delightful or hard? Thank you for joining me in this space!

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