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My baby is not on her feet yet, but already she knows instability. On hands and knees. Rock, rock, rock. Slide a knee. Lift a hand. Oomph – bellyflop. Up again. Pitch forward. Faceplant. Waaaaaa…. But whether it’s learning how to crawl or walk, or simply how to keep from falling, we’ve all been there…Continue reading “Unstable”

Books On Our Floor #3

After finishing the Brighter Winter Reading Challenge, I was tickled to have a new challenge to follow. This one was offered by Gina and her sister at Home Joys. Rather than asking for so many titles per month, this challenge was set up by seasons. Here’s how I accomplished the spring challenge. 1. Read aContinue reading “Books On Our Floor #3”

A Camping Adventure

We took our girlies camping! Here is the story of our weekend at Punderson State Park. Of course, if you go camping, you should arrive late and set up and make supper all in the dark. Just kidding. Don’t. But… we’re used to it by now. 😉 Ben did a fantastic job loading the van,Continue reading “A Camping Adventure”


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Hi, I’m Laura. I am a wife and mom while continually learning what it means to be a daughter of God. This blog is simply my scratch-pad for writing practice. For more info, check the About page.

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