Books On Our Floor #5

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my reading list in this space. So here goes…. and I’ll start with the books I read for Gina’s summer challenge. 1. Little Women – The first challenge was to “Reread a classic you enjoyed as a teen.” It’s been so long that it felt almost like a brandContinue reading “Books On Our Floor #5”

Books [No Longer] on Our Floor #4

Here is why the books are no longer on the floor: Not a grand photo, I know, but I just wanted to show you our newest idea for storing library books. We now have a baby crawling everywhere, putting all of Raelynn’s library books (and our reputation at said establishment) in jeopardy. I don’t haveContinue reading “Books [No Longer] on Our Floor #4”

Books On Our Floor #3

After finishing the Brighter Winter Reading Challenge, I was tickled to have a new challenge to follow. This one was offered by Gina and her sister at Home Joys. Rather than asking for so many titles per month, this challenge was set up by seasons. Here’s how I accomplished the spring challenge. 1. Read aContinue reading “Books On Our Floor #3”