1. A quiet, inactive space – This blog has been a place of zero activity (on my part at least) for… how long? And that’s okay, I tell myself. This particular space hasn’t been given much priority the last while because I’ve been living in other spaces. But… I’m happy to be back, here. 2.Continue reading “Spaces”

Saturday Snippets – January 15, 2022

Hello from our frosty little corner of the world! We’re just over here trying to stay warm, keeping busy with daily life, and enjoying good gifts from God! • Hatching chicks – Here’s our latest adventure. It’s time to add to our flock (and to delete some old hens) so we decided we’d hatch outContinue reading “Saturday Snippets – January 15, 2022”

Saturday Snippets – October 23, 2021

Here’s a photo catch-up of the past two months. •SEPTEMBER •OCTOBER And there’s your peek into our lives! Other things have been happening too… Celebrating Ben’s birthday at the beginning of October Me helping with art classes at the homeschool group on Thursdays Cleaning and reorganizing the nursery because we’re… …counting down the weeks tilContinue reading “Saturday Snippets – October 23, 2021”

Saturday Snippets – July 24, 2021

Here are a few of our simple joys from the last few weeks… •Library books – Raelynn loves going to the library. She was especially stuck on this Richard Scarry book, wanting to find Goldbug on every page. Ben was a good teacher, and pretty soon she was picking out the bug almost as soonContinue reading “Saturday Snippets – July 24, 2021”

A Walk in Our Neighborhood: First Steps

When I first walked this quiet little Alliance neighborhood some 2 years ago, I was newly married and newly transplanted to Ohio soil. Even this type of location was new, almost-but-not-quite-in-town. So it was that I set out with more than a bit of trepidation those first days. Add the facts that it was grayContinue reading “A Walk in Our Neighborhood: First Steps”

Saturday Snippets – March 6

Here’s a sneak-peek into a few things happening around here these days. PA Weekend – Feb. 26-28 “What so amusing this early in the morning?” I yawned, eyelids squinting against the bright kitchen lights. “How would you like to go see your folks for the weekend?” Ben grinned back at me. Go him! pulling offContinue reading “Saturday Snippets – March 6”