Tidings of Great Joy

Wait. Christmas is over, is it not? We’re back to singing other songs, outdated decorations are waiting to be swapped out, family gatherings are history, and it’s time to just settle into plain old winter. Even the New Year’s resolutions are teetering, because – surprise – we’re each still living the same life with theContinue reading “Tidings of Great Joy”


Newborn snuggles in mom’s arms after long months of waiting, long hours of laboring. Laboring. Damp butterfly spreads wings to fresh air and warm sun after long days of cocooning, long minutes of struggling to break out. Struggling. Seed leaves uncurl to summer sunshine after long days of being buried in dirt. Dirt. Pink sunriseContinue reading “After”

A Day Redeemed

I wrote this sometime last summer. After a recent reminder that I was still holding on to this unpublished piece, I thought I’d post it here. Her day was flat-out crazy. The madness had started early, as early as midnight actually, when the baby refused to sleep for more than an hour at a time…Continue reading “A Day Redeemed”